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Release Notes for 2.2

New Features

  • Rectangle tool for painting filled and outlined rectangles.

  • Visibility and ordering of tools within the tools palette can now be customized using the preferences window.

  • Tiles can now be rotated in increments of 90 degrees when painting them (see user guide for keyboard shortcuts).

  • Orientations with rotational symmetry allow things like corners and walls to be defined using one prefab. Previously it was necessary to duplicate the prefab for each corner.

  • Variations can now be reordered by dragging them within (or between!) orientations. Variations can be copied by holding the Ctrl key whilst doing so.

  • Box collider (both 2D and 3D) optimisation upon building tile systems.

  • Tileset brushes now allow selection of 2D or 3D box collider.

  • Asset now includes XML files for IntelliSense within both MonoDevelop and Visual Studio.


  • Added "Lock" item to designer window menu (upper right).

  • Upgraded user interfaces to work with Unity 4.3.

  • Brush field now accepts keyboard focus and input.

  • Automatically focus "Name" field upon selecting brush creator tab (if empty).

  • Improved responsiveness of tab selection interfaces.

  • Brush picker field is now automatically shown for brush fields within inspectors.

  • Various performance improvements.

  • "Define or Find Orientation" is now a drop-down interface instead of a floating window.

  • Orientations are now sorted by rotational symmetry.

  • Added overloads to several tile system functions allowing input of TileIndex.

  • Improved appearance of custom interfaces for dark skin.

  • Removed assembly version number from runtime and editor assemblies allowing third-party developers to reference them from within their own DLLs more easily. File version will still be updated as per normal.

  • Replaced prefab preview generation with texture asset preview generation (the "z_{guid}.prefab" assets) which is faster and looks better. This also works around a Unity bug where asset previews break upon enabling/disabling source control.

  • Added custom inspector for brush and tileset assets.

  • Revamped oriented brush designer interface!

  • Lines now take the same path when drawn or traced in the opposite direction.

  • Tools now have accompanying cursors!

  • Added editor preference allowing user to disable custom cursors.


  • Minimum supported version of Unity is now 4.3.

  • Moved brush property field attribute into editor assembly and replaced former scripts with empty ones. This change provides consistency for UnityScript developers.

  • Changed naming and operation of "hideAlias" to "showAlias" in brush field control for consistency elsewhere. This may effect some custom editor scripts.

  • Removed editor preference "Enable undo for fill (slower)" since this no longer works with the new undo mechanism which was introduced with Unity 4.3.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spelling error in tile system inspector of "Rebuild" button.

  • Fixed bug where brush picker window didn't release hot control upon double-clicking brush.

  • Fixed bug where tiles with missing game objects were not properly erased.

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Patch Notes




  • Previously selected tile system preset is now automatically active when creating a new tile system.

  • Renamed "Default" preset to "Default: 3D" and introduced a new default preset called "Default: 2D". The main difference is that the default chunk size for 2D tile systems is 100x100 since this tends to perform more efficiently for 2D tile maps.

  • Collider type is automatically set based upon the default editor behavior when toggling "Add Collider" for tileset brushes. This provides a slightly smoother workflow for 2D developers.


  • The behavior of tile systems with sideways facing tiles has been adjusted to significantly improve workflow with Unity 4.3 sprites.

    Until now tile prefabs have been rotated by 180 degrees to face away from the tile system. As of this version rotation is no longer applied for sideways facing tiles unless the new per brush property Force Legacy Sideways is selected.

    Any existing brushes will be automatically configured to continue to use the legacy sideways behavior upon updating this asset. This option can be toggled within the "Extended Properties" panel for affected brush types (oriented brushes and brushes which have prefab attachments).

Bug Fixes

  • Immediate previews are now rendered for prefabs containing Unity 4.3 sprites.

  • Fixed bug where tiles could not be erased when brush reference is null. For example, brush originally used to paint tile has been deleted.




  • By default tiles marked as solid are reduced into colliders which is not always the desired case for existing projects. The default value for this preference is now false.