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Release Notes for 2.1

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This update addresses a number of issues including bug reports and general usability improvements.

The RTS menu has been relocated as per request by the asset store submission team since too many assets are including top-level menus. This extension can now be accessed via the Window menu by selecting Rotorz Tile System 2. This displays the tool palette which now includes the main tool menu.

New Features

  • Designer window can be locked using padlock icon in upper-right corner. This works in a similar way to the regular inspector window.

  • Right-click brush in palette to reveal useful context menu.

  • Designer window now includes selection history navigation.

  • Fallback option "Use Default Strict" for automatic orientation.

  • "Refresh Preview" command to manually regenerate brush preview.

  • "Clear Preview Cache" command to clear cache of prefab previews. This is useful for oriented brushes which reference one or more prefabs.

  • Tile system grid is now shown for active tile system even when not selected to assist with manual alignment of objects. The user preference "Highlight active tile system" disables this new behavior.

  • Zoom option available for icons presentation in brush palette.

New Shortcuts

  • Double-click brush in palette to show designer.

  • Ctrl + Left Click brush to select and activate paint tool.

  • Ctrl + Right Click brush to set secondary brush and activate paint tool.


  • Designer window has been redesigned and optimized.

  • Brushes can now be created via the brush palette.

  • Quicker selection of tilesets in brush palette.

  • Previous position and state of brush field selector window is now persisted.

  • More responsive user interface for easier usage.

  • Click and drag to paint within "Define or Find Orientation" window. Faster and a tad more enjoyable!

  • Moved "Erase" button to avoid disrupting flow of tileset brushes.

  • Cleaned up visual appearance of interfaces for both light and dark skin.

  • Brush icons are automatically scaled to fit available space in brush palette.


  • "RTS" menu relocated into tool palette.

  • Entry point is now Window | Rotorz Tile System 2.

  • Designer window no longer includes brush list since brush palette is now used instead. This avoids visual confusion where multiple brush lists were shown side-by-side.

  • Brush type is now clearly displayed to left of brush name.

  • Removed "None" button from tool palette. Tool can be deactivated by either re-clicking it, or by selecting one of the regular Unity tools. This is similar to the Unity terrain editor.

  • List/Icons presentation switch moved to lower left of brushes palette.

  • Minor changes to API.

  • Changed label of editor preference "Classic Mode" to "Join tool and brush palettes" for clarity.

  • Default coloring of tile system grid has been changed. Some users will need to select "Use Defaults" in the preferences window before change takes effect.

Bug Fixes

  • User flags were not correctly set when using brush designer.

  • Fallback of automatic orientation was not persisted.

  • Selection of model prefabs now denied by oriented brush designer since they do not behave consistently with regular prefabs.

  • User-defined tile system creation presets are now persisted in the path "Assets/Rotorz/Tile System/UserData/presets.xml". This resolves the issue where the defaults overwrite them upon updating to newer versions of Rotorz Tile System.

  • Missing brushes (i.e. those that have been deleted manually) are no longer shown in brush lists.

  • "Reset" button is now always shown to right of rename brush field when changes have been made. Rename button is only shown when name does not contain invalid characters.

  • Corrected alignment of immediate preview mesh for tileset brushes for "upwards" tile systems.

  • Attachment not properly preserved for tileset brushes in "Upwards" tile systems.

  • Object selection was lost when switching between play/edit mode, though selection will still be lost when containing a tile system since this is a necessary workaround to a bug in Unity.

  • Added workaround for inconsistency of tile system grid between Unity 3.5.7 and Unity 4.x.

  • Initial value of "Hide Tileset Brushes" was incorrect.

  • NullReferenceException was thrown when attempting to drop objects onto scene palette.

  • Progress bar is now automatically hidden in editor when using tile system resize utility.

  • Tile system property was not correctly passed into build event handler.

  • Transform component for generated mesh chunk objects was incorrectly initialized when "Combine into Submeshes" was deselected.

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New Features

  • Edit flag labels project-wide or on per brush basis.

Bug Fixes

  • Object factories were unable to 'cancel' prefab instantiation by returning null.