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Release Notes
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Release Notes for 2.4

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Upgrade Notes

These files should be manually removed from existing projects when updating:

  • Assets/Rotorz/Tile System/Editor/Upgrader
  • Assets/Rotorz/Tile System/Editor/RtsBrushPropertyDrawer.cs
  • Assets/Rotorz/Tile System/Editor/RtsBrushFieldDrawer.js
  • Assets/Rotorz/Tile System/Scripts/RtsBrushPropertyAttribute.cs
  • Assets/Rotorz/Tile System/Scripts/RtsBrushFieldAttribute.js
  • Assets/Rotorz/Tile System/Support/Migration Guide from 1x.pdf

New Features

  • 'Coalesce with border' property added to oriented brushes.

  • Added new tileset shaders which are similar to Unity's sprite shaders except allow for texture selection and do not support tinting. With the new lit tileset shaders it is not necessary to use 'Add Procedural Normals'.

  • Added new property 'Apply Simple Rotation' to tileset brushes which applies simple tile rotation to attached prefab objects.

  • Added new project wide settings asset which allows template materials to be specified which are then used when creating new tilesets.

  • Tile system presets are now saved as individual asset files instead of inside an XML file. This means that they can now be edited using the inspector and they can be scattered around project as desired. New presets are placed inside the "Rotorz/User Data/Tile System/Presets" folder in the "Assets" folder.

  • Added user preference 'Hide scene view grid upon activating tool' which is enabled by default.

Changes for Unity 5

  • Runtime assembly has been split into two assemblies, following the same convention that Unity have adopted for their UI.

    • "Rotorz/Tile System/Standalone/TileSystem.Runtime.dll" is used when you build your game.

    • "Rotorz/Tile System/TileSystem.Runtime.dll" is used when testing your game in-editor.


  • Flag and category data files are no longer stored in "Assets/TileBrushes" because these have been migrated into the new project settings asset.

  • 'Atlas Opaque' shader is no longer included in asset. This shouldn't break existing projects since the shader will not be automatically deleted.

  • 'Automatic' zoom mode now shows tileset brushes at their actual size. Replaced 'Tileset' zoom mode with 'Best Fit' which allows tileset brush previews to fill the available window space.

  • Reorganized directory structure of asset so that demonstration assets are easier to exclude.

  • Ordering of "Chunk Width" and "Chunk Height" fields for consistency with ordering of "Rows" and "Columns" fields.

  • Empty orientations no longer cause an error; instead a warning is logged and simply is no visual representation of the tile.

  • Alpha blending is now selected by default when creating new tilesets.

  • Removed ActiveTile and ActiveTileIndex properties from tile system class and exposed similar properties from ToolUtility.

  • Preset and PresetManager classes have been replaced with the new TileSystemPreset and TileSystemPresetUtility classes which deal with the new tile system preset assets.


  • Sorting layer properties are now also stored for tile system presets.

  • Brush categories can now be reordered using the new project settings asset.

  • The new unlit opaque and transparent tileset shaders are now used when creating new tilesets.

  • New overload PaintingUtility.FloodFill(TileSystem, TileIndex, PaintingArgs, TileIndex[]) which outputs a list of tile indices that were filled.

  • Better exception handling to PaintingUtility.

  • Added utility method TileData.ToggleUserFlag.

  • Refined Hat Guy demonstration assets and replaced legacy animations with a Mecanim animator.

  • Added blender files for coin and stone platform demonstration objects.

  • Updated demonstration objects 'Coin' and 'Stone Platform' so that they work properly without selecting legacy mode.

  • Updated references to methods which are marked as obsolete in Unity 5.

  • Replaced custom asset preview cache with Unity's new API.

  • Removed command 'Clear Preview Cache' from brush designer menu.

  • Replaced labels "From" and "To" with a simple arrow graphic in material mapper interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rendering of tile system gizmos in Unity 5.

  • Fixed brightness of brush previews in Unity 5.

  • Removed redundant usage of reflection for accessing internal sorting layer properties since they are no longer needed and break in Unity 5.

  • Resolved issue where "Cell Size" could not be adjusted in tile system inspector in Unity 5.

  • Workaround a bug where usage of lhs == rhs doesn't always work in Unity 5.

  • Meshes of inactive renderer components are no longer included in tile system optimization.

  • Picker tool mouse-down state no longer bleeds into the next tool when the mouse is dragged slightly.

  • Fixed asset name validation in brush creators (they were still checking for legacy suffixes).

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Patch Notes


2.4.4Latest Release


  • Updated documentation links for new website.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix error caused by use of ScriptableObject.CreateInstance in static constructor as a result of updating to Unity 5.4.0f3.

  • Fix spam of warning messages caused by new cursor texture validation tests that were added to Unity 5.4.0f3.




  • Adjusted contrast between default preview background and the brush name label.

  • Added undo/redo support for 'Set default fallback' toggle.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where colliders were not generated for tiles with solid flag when the reduced area occupies one cell.

  • Repaint custom editor windows inside OnEnable() since Unity 5.3 no longer seems to do this after an assembly reload.

  • Mark cached asset previews with HideAndDontSave to avoid memory leak.




  • Replaced diamond shader with one that works in Unity 4 and Unity 5.

  • Increased the maximum tile size scale in brush lists and exposed properties to customize the minimum and maximum extents.

Bug Fixes

  • Added 'RotorzRootMarker.txt" asset which is used to identify the root installation folder instead of using the folder GUID to workaround issue with asset store submission tools.


Upgrade Notes

This asset now generates its own asset preview cache "Library/Rotorz/PreviewCache" to workaround several usability issues that exist in Unity 5. The preview cache is placed into this folder so that it is excluded from source control.

As a bonus this means that the brush preview assets (the ones whose file names start with "z_") no longer need to be generated inside the directory structure of your project's "Assets" folder (typically "Assets/TileBrushes/Editor" or "Assets/Rotorz/User Data/Tile System/Brushes/Editor").

This means that you can remove those preview assets since they are no longer used by Rotorz Tile System.

New Features

  • "Assets/Rotorz" folder can now be moved to a different sub-folder (for instance, "Assets/ThirdParty/Rotorz" inside your project; but the directory structure inside the "Rotorz" folder remains sensitive.

  • Designer for brush and tileset assets is now shown upon double-clicking the asset files using the project window.

  • Added 'Refresh Preview' command to the context menu of brushes.

  • Added 'Clear Preview Cache' command to the main tool menu.


  • Custom asset preview cache which works around usability issues in Unity 5 (a big thanks to Shawn White for assisting with this!):

    • Asset previews were very dark after checking out projects from a repository.

    • Asset previews were completely missing after importing assets from Unity packages which was causing prefab previews to appear blank in the oriented brush designer.

    • Formerly this issue didn't apply to brush assets since they were not being rendered with Unity's asset preview API (Editor.RenderStaticPreview).

    • As a result of using Editor.RenderStaticPreview brush assets now have thumbnails in project window.

  • "Scene" palette window has been completely revamped.

  • Replaced "RTS:" prefix of palette windows with an icon.

  • Minor refinements to improve usability of editor GUI controls.

  • Removed obsolete deprecated functionality.

  • Reduced memory overhead of Brush.RemapMaterial.

  • More precise version information in the "About" window; the commit hash can now be revealed by clicking the version number.

  • Brushes are now created in a "Brushes" folder instead of "TileBrushes" since the naming convention is no longer relevant. The location for new brush and tileset assets can be customized in project settings.

  • Added a new property PaintToolBase.SupportsPaintAroundExistingTiles to avoid a subtle issue with the fill tool.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom cursors have been re-enabled for Unity 5 on OS X since Unity seem to have resolved the issues that were introduced in Unity 5.

  • Fixed NullReferenceException being thrown by BrushListModel.CategorySet upon deserialization.

  • 'Project Settings' asset is no longer overwritten if editor assembly importer gets disabled by Unity.

  • Brush previews are now drawn with the neutral orientation when available.

  • Corrected issue where new coalesce group was added upon pressing a key; this is only supposed to happen when the return key is pressed.

  • Corrected issue where erase feature of fill tool was not functional when "Paint Around Existing Tiles" is selected.

  • Resolved issue in Unity 5 where brush listing isn't being maintained when re-importing asset from a package.

  • Resaved resource images as PNG24 because PNG8 no longer displays properly due to bug in Unity 5.1 where transparency shows with ugly opaque colors.

  • Added workaround for an error which occurs in Unity 5.1 since they have renamed the "WinBtnCloseWin" style to "WinBtnClose".

  • Corrected issue where Hat Guy character was behaving oddly in demo due to how the behavior of the animator property 'Apply Root Motion' was altered in Unity 5.

  • Freshly painted tiles were destroyed at the end of the frame if their parent chunk had been marked for destruction by the "Erase Empty Chunks" option.