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Rotorz Tile System for Unity
Available on the Unity Asset Store
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Updating Extension

Asset store customers can update Rotorz Tile System via the Unity asset store. Always backup your files and read through release notes before updating to the latest version!

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Each update may contain new features and of course bug fixes. No software is ever perfect and Rotorz Tile System is no exception. Rotorz Limited strives to zap bugs as quickly as possible.

Rotorz Tile System is an extension for the Unity software and as such is limited by the capibilities of Unity itself. Occasionally updates to Rotorz Tile System are necessary to workaround changes that have been made to the API exposed by Unity; often to take advantage of yummy new features!

We strive to keep the update process as simple as possible, though manual steps are sometimes necessary to take full advantage of the latest update. There is currently no reliable way to automate such changes upon importing the latest version of our extension. In many respects this is good since it gives you greater control over the way in which you update your project.