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Rotorz Tile System for Unity
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Tilesets make it easier for you to define brushes that allow you to paint 2D tiles onto your tile systems. You can define a tileset from an atlas texture which includes the artwork for a number of uniformly sized tiles.

Each tileset is represented with an asset which:

  • Associates the tileset with its atlas texture and material.
  • Defines the way in which tiles are packed.
  • Contains tileset brushes that are used when painting tiles.
  • Manages pre-generated mesh assets for non-procedural tiles.

Once you have defined your tileset you can create a tileset brush for each of the tiles that you would like to be able to paint with. Tileset brushes can then be used with the provided editor tools or dynamically using the Runtime API.

If you previously used version 1.x of this extension then you may have used atlas brushes for painting 2D tiles. These have been replaced with tilesets brushes which can be used procedurally or non-procedurally. Previously atlas brushes were only able to paint tiles non-procedurally.