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Rotorz Tile System for Unity
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Scene Palette

Displays list of editable tile systems in the current scene allowing quick selection of the active tile system. Tile systems can be shown, hidden, renamed and rearranged using this interface.

Screenshot of the scene palette window.
FigureĀ 2-2. Scene palette window

This interface can be displayed via the tool menu tool menu | Editor Windows | Scene.

The labels of tile systems can be dragged and dropped onto other user interfaces which is useful when associating tile systems with custom scripts.

Right click on tile system to reveal handy context menu.

Tile System Visibility

Tile systems can be temporarily hidden to reveal obscured tiles and objects in your scene by clicking the toggle icon.

  • Visible Icon - Shown when tile system is visible, click to hide tile system.
  • Hidden Icon - Shown when tile system is hidden, click to reveal tile system.
This functionality is only available for Unity 4 users.

Reordering Tile Systems

Tile systems can be manually ordered by dragging them within the scene palette which is particularly useful when you have multiple layers of tile systems in your scene.

  • Tile systems can be dragged and dropped within scene palette.
  • Click sort-asc.png (Sort Ascending) to sort list of tile systems by name in ascending order.
  • Click sort-desc.png (Sort Descending) to sort list of tile systems by name in descending order.

Ordering of tile systems does not affect the order in which they are rendered in your game. To change the visual ordering of tile systems you must adjust the position of your tile system using the move tool (or alternatively using the transform inspector).

Locking Tile Systems

Tile systems can be locked to avoid inadvertent interaction with the active paint tool.

It is not possible to paint or erase tiles on locked tile systems and most actions are disabled to prevent accidental alterations. Placeholder messages are shown within scene view and inspector indicating that tile system must be unlocked before changes can be made.

Tile system can be locked or unlocked by context clicking tile system and then toggling Lock. A small padlock icon lock.png is shown to denote that a tile system has been locked.

Renaming a Tile System

You can rename tile systems using the scene palette in much the same way as you would with the standard hierarchy window.


  1. Right-click on the tile system that you would like to rename.
  2. Select Rename from context menu.

    Rename field can also be shown using the hot key F2 (Windows) or Return (OS X) when scene palette is focused.

    You should then see something like the following:

    Scene palette window with rename field shown.
  3. Input new name for tile system.
  4. Press Return key to accept new name, or press Escape key to cancel.