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Rotorz Tile System for Unity
Available on the Unity Asset Store
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Key Features

Rotorz Tile System is a powerful and flexible extension which can be used to create a wide range of games including platformers, dungeon crawlers, mazes, puzzles and even first person shooters!

  • Create brushes using a powerful but intuitive user interface.
  • Effortlessly paint tiles using oriented and autotile brushes.
  • Range of tools for painting, cycling, filling, picking and plopping tiles.
  • Quickly customize existing brushes by creating alias brushes.
  • Combine tiles into chunks to improve performance at runtime.
  • Reduce number of colliders by combining adjacent box colliders.
  • Utilize automatic vertex snapping to avoid visual artifacts.
  • Work with reasonably large grids before experiencing poor performance.
  • Edge correction to counteract edge bleeding with 2D tiles.