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Rotorz Tile System for Unity
Available on the Unity Asset Store
Paint scenes easily using 2D or 3D tiles. Work with multiple systems at different scales to design a variety of experiences from platform action to top-down shooters.


Range of Painting Tools

Effortlessly paint and erase tiles with a range of powerful tools which can be selected and adjusted using keyboard shortcuts or an intuitive user interface.

Automatic orientation

Tiles can be automatically chosen based upon the presence of surrounding tiles allowing you to quickly paint areas of tiles such as platforms and rooms.

2D & 3D

Tiles can comprise of a procedurally generated 2D mesh or prefab instances allowing for the use of 3D models and sprites with components and scripts.


Unwanted aspects of tile systems can be stripped and per-tile meshes and box colliders can be combined to reduce draw calls and improve performance.

Runtime & Editor API

Paint and erase tiles at runtime or even customize the in-editor experience by developing custom tools or by subscribing to various events.

Great customer support

We pride ourselves upon providing great customer support; check our reviews!

What is included in the package?

Rotorz Tile System

  • Runtime and Editor DLLs
  • User Guide (PDF)
  • API Reference (CHM)
  • Tileset Shaders


  • Smooth Platform Brush
  • Grass & Cave Platform Brush
  • Pink Platform Autotile
  • Hat Guy Demo

Asset Store Reviews

Five Star Reviews

This is the tile mapper you have been looking for.

The author is very responsive and takes real care to produce a robust reliable tool, including good documentation. Features like oriented tiles and tile variations can really speed up painting maps once configured.

I initially embarked on a reasonably large platformer project using another tile mapper available in the Assest store, but after hitting some peformance issues and problems with 'broken tilemaps', I switched the project over to using Rotorz system. It does a good job of combining meshes to improve performance where possible, has a range of 'stripping' options to streamline maps by removing unused tile system scripts, depending on your requirements. I haven't yet come across any situation where maps become inconsistent and need to be 'repaired', suggesting the internal data model of Rotorz system is more robust.

Really happy I bought this (and regretting wasting time with other similar tools) - I can easily see it becoming the defacto standard for 2D (and 2.5D) tile mapping within Unity ... it's the 'NGUI' of tile mappers.

Amazing tool with amazing support

I've tried all the tile systems and this by far surpasses them all in functionality and performance.

The icing on the cake is the developer is very responsive and extremely helpful. Even to the point of listening to and implementing requests.

Absolutely more than satisfied with my purchase, wish could give more than 5 stars.

Unbelievale asset, the best thing you could buy. If you're only planning to buy one asset on the asset store, be sure it's this one

Within minutes I'd converted my game to use Rotorz's tile system and right out of the box I suddenly had powerful level editing features and within a couple of hours a few stunning levels. It's so simple, so perfect. I bought it the day before it went on special, this would make most people upset. Me? I'm super happy I didn't get it on special because Rotorz truly deserves the full price for what they're giving you. If you're making anything tile based, go watch some youtube videos on Rotorz and see how much time this will save you. Then buy it.

A solid level editor for tile-based games

WOW. I’ve used other 2D and 3D tile editors, but had issues that eventually made me look elsewhere. Luckily, this editor was released and it has everything I needed and more.

I can draw with 2D or 3D tiles on multiple layers on any plane. The level editor is fast. There is tileset and autotile support. There is NO LAG when I draw. I can create complex auto-tiling brushes that I couldn’t create in other tile editors. The editor supports in-game editing by players. The API for developer customization is huge.

To top off my review, the developer of this tool is constantly evolving it for his customers and he is very helpful if you get stuck.

If you're building a tile-based game, 2D or 3D, this product is my favorite.