Rotorz Tile System for Unity 3D


Paint scenes easily using 2D or 3D tiles. Work with multiple systems at different scales to design a variety of experiences from platform action to top-down shooters.
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Create 3D tiles using your favourite modelling software, add to prefab with additional components if needed and define a brush. Our tile system can also automatically generate 2D tile brushes from a texture atlas.

We provide three example brushes that are ideal for creating smooth platforms. Furthermore it is possible to customize the appearance of our smooth platform tiles with custom materials. We also provide the Blender file so that you can customise the original blocks as needed.

When your brushes are ready you can have lots of fun painting your levels!

We created this tile system to facilitate the development of levels for our games, and to overcome some hurdles that we encountered when developing Munchy Bunny! Click here to see a game that was made using our extension! Our demo is an extension that runs inside of the Google Chrome web browser.

See Rotorz Tile System in action!

Known Limitations

  • Large tile systems require more memory (even when empty) than smaller tile systems. There is an internal map that makes it easy to access tiles. This can be stripped from runtime version when it is not needed.
  • Empty tile systems use far less memory than those that are densely populated. Whilst it is possible to create large grids, there are hardware and software limitations that restrict the total number of tiles that can be painted. Whilst there are no hard limits, problems will be encountered if you exceed these.

There are a number of ways in which some of these limitations can be reduced in many circumstances. Please refer to the troubleshooting section of the user guide for further information.