Open Source

We provide and contribute to a number of open source projects; this page provides a listing of some of these projects.

Rotorz Tile System Extras


A selection of Rotorz Tile System actions for the PlayMaker asset by Hutong Games.


A Rotorz Tile System object factory implementation that allows tile prefabs to be pooled when using the PoolManager asset by Path-o-logical Games.

Unity Extensions

Reorderable List Editor Field for Unity

Library that allows you to add reorderable list controls to custom editor interfaces in the Unity editor. Individual list items can be drawn using property drawers or alternatively by providing a callback.

Ordered Dictionary for Unity

Library for adding ordered dictionaries to custom ScriptableObject and MonoBehaviour classes in a way that can be serialized by Unity provided that the key and value types are serializable.

Script Templates for Unity

A window which generates C# source code stubs.

Node Packages


A plugin for the markdown-it package that adds a custom type of block tag for embedding videos or other content. Can be extended to embed other content by registering custom embed services.


A plugin for the markdown-it package that detects image tags at a block level and places them adjacent to other block elements.


A plugin for the markdown-it package that adds CSS classes to links that fall outside of the specified internal domain(s).