Tile System Extension for Unity

Designing levels for three-dimensional games may seem complicated, especially for those who are just starting out with game development. The level of complexity will vary depending upon the type of game being created along with its graphical requirements.

Using a tile based solution can ease the process of designing levels, and is also ideal for prototyping ideas. Once a selection of brushes have been prepared, levels can be designed simply by painting.

Here are some features of our extension:

  • Work with large grids (limited by capability of hardware and software)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Customize the way tiles are offset, rotated and scaled
  • Move, rotate and scale tiles (or an entire tile system)
  • Define custom orientations and control the way in which tiles orientate
  • Create new brushes by overriding properties and materials of existing brushes
  • Combine marked tiles into a single mesh with automatic vertex snapping (within given threshold). Normals at tile joins can also be recalculated for smoother results.
  • Our extension can be used alongside other extensions so that you can take advantage of their various offerings.

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